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Vinyl vs. Wood Fence: Which Is Better?

Wood and vinyl come in many styles and designs based onbudget and the type of wood you buy. Many feel wood givesyour home a classic, traditional look. That said, vinyl looks newerlonger and won’t degrade as quickly.

Both vinyl and wood fences come in a variety of options. With wood, you have more than a dozen popular options to choose from (cedar, oak, cypress, and bamboo, just to name a few). Vinylis an affordable type of plastic that comes in many styles and preferences to meet your privacy needs. You may even be able to find vinyl material that looks like your favorite wood. The cost of installing a new fence is relatively affordable. Installing a vinyl fence costs less than wood, although wood as amaterial is generally cheaper. Wood ranges from $2 to $10 perpicket, while vinyl costs between $2 and $6.

MAINTANENCE & CLEANING Vinyl is easier to maintain than wood. You can clean it with soapywater to remove grit and dirt buildup, and also don’t have to worry about debris getting stuck in between pickets or in the grooves of your fence. That said, vinyl appears dirty more easily than wood. EASE OF INSTALLATION Hiring a fencing professional will cost about the same no matter which material you choose, and $30 to $80 per hour is standard. A vinyl fence takes less time than wood, which could help you save on installation costs. For those wanting to take the DIY route, vinyl is much easier to install overall. PRIVACY Vinyl and wood are both excellent for keeping your home lifeinside the backyard. Over time, wood can become warped,exposing holes that allow outsiders to see in. Vinyl won’t warpbut is more susceptible to damage due to inclement weather. LENGHT OF LIFE Vinyl is the superior choice for longevity. Well-maintained, youcan expect your vinyl fence to last over 20-30 years. A woodenfence will last about 10-15 years. PAINTING & FINISHES Today, vinyl fences that look like wood can give you the appearance of wood along with the durability of plastic. You can’t paint over it, though, so what you purchase is what you’ll get. If you decide to change your yard’s look, you can easily repair or stain wood with a new color to match. REPAIRS & REPLACEMENTS When it comes to repairing your fence, vinyl and wood are bothpretty straightforward—although wood is more likely to need it.You can get a new picket from the store and install it yourselfrather easily. PROPERTY VALUE A nice fence is a major selling point for any home. Vinyl andwood both will increase your property value, so long as they’remaintained. Some homeowners seek out that classic woodappearance, which could be better for ROI. Which is best for homes with kids and pets? For those installing a fence, vinyl or wood are both great choicesfor homes with kids. Wood can warp over time, which might make it easier for people to see into your yard. Older wooden fences can also give splinters, which may cause concern if you have small children. For safety and privacy purposes, a vinyl fence may be the way to go with little ones around. Wooden fences can seal off your home to the street, which couldbe useful if your dog barks or growls at people who pass by. Vinyl is a good option, too, but you’ll want to make sure your pickets are close enough together—especially if your dog is an escape artist.

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